Chocolate can be combined easily. We pulled out all the stops figuring out the flavours for our products; we tried and tasted one heavenly combination after the other. Indeed, it’s an exciting business! Only the tastiest of the tastiest have made it to production.  We have grouped them in Original, Organic & Local Hero:

Belgian dark and milk chocolate without added sugar, with sweeteners, combined with freshly roasted nuts, dried fruits and spices.

Delicious chocolate bars and date bites, without added sugar and without sweeteners, vegan, gluten-free, organic, fair trade and the bars in a compostable packaging.

In our innovation lab we develop all kinds of new flavors. Together with our Scandinavian friends we have created a series of Treats and Bites with licorice flavors.

Revolutionary Good Chocolate

Chokay lets you experience the pure cocoa. And the nuts or fruits we add to the chocolate. In our opinion ‘good chocolate’ also means a decent price for the cocoa farmers. Justified farming methods for people and environment. That’s why we purchase Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa for Chokay.

Where to buy

Chokay is sold by retailers who, like us, believe that tasty chocolate does not need sugar. Both in stores and online. And in more and more countries! We have listed them per country, so that you can easily find your point of sale. Do you own a shop and would you like to start selling Chokay? Please contact us via the contact page.