Enjoy! That’s what matters to us. First and foremost enjoy the taste of Chokay. Belgian chocolate in delicious flavours. Without added sugars, but with just the right sweet taste: in our Originals with sweeteners from a natural source, in our Organics even without sweeteners. That’s not only very conscious, but also extremely tasty! Chokay lets you experience pure cocoa. And the nuts or fruits we mix with the chocolate. So, not mainly sugar.

What makes it enjoyable too is the decent price for the cocoa farmers. Justified farming methods for people and environment. That’s why we only buy certified sustainable cocoa for our products, we use natural ingredients and more and more Chokay products are wrapped in compostable, plastic free packaging. That’s why you are never alone enjoying Chokay!

Revolutionary good chocolate

In our opinion ‘good chocolate’ also means a decent price for the cocoa farmers. Justified farming methods for people and environment. That’s why we purchase Fairtrade certified cocoa for Chokay Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa for Chokay Original. With the purchasing of this certified cocoa Chokay supports cocoa farmers that make delicious cocoa with respect for people and nature. For more information about what Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance do for cocoa farmers and nature, you can check www.fairtrade.net and www.ra.org.

Revolutionary good packaging

To make our products (Ch)okay, we also strive for a minimal ecological footprint. Step by step we are improving our packaging with positive effects for the planet.

As of 2021 alle the chocolate bars we produce are wrapped in a environment friendly foil. The foil consists of a layer of cellulose, which is a plant based fiber and kraft paper. The foil is home compostable and certified by DIN to be just that. We are proud to be one of the front runners in changing plastics for materials from renewable sources.

The human touch in production

Alongside our goals to make delicious chocolate that is a better choice for both people and the environment, we strive for a people friendly supply chain. That is why we are so happy that the vast majority of our products are produced in a social factory. This factory is a place where people who have ‘a distance to the labour market’, can excel in a protected environment and do what they are good at: making Chokay chocolate for example.

The flavours

Chocolate can be combined easily. We pulled out all the stops figuring out the flavours for our products; we tried and tasted one heavenly combination after the other. Indeed, it’s an exciting business! Only the tastiest of the tastiest made it to production. Check out our selection under Flavours!

0% sugar added, with sweeteners

organic, vegan & no sugar or sweeteners added

extraordinary favours from our innovation lab